Please note that this isn’t a ranking, these listings are in no particular order and we encourage you to try out any restaurant you want!

Whether you're a local to Oahu resident or someone stopping by the island for a vacation, getting 'ono (delicious) food is a way to engage in the local culture as well as support local business! With this in mind, we wanted to highlight Yelp's Top 10 Black-owned Restaurants on Oahu for you to try!

Rick’s Jerk 4.5/5


Rick's Jerk is a Jamaican food truck in Honolulu, HI, committed to changing the way people eat Jamaican food. Dedicating themselves to authentic cuisine with high quality ingredients, they work to create a great experience.


"DELISH food with good energy! I haven't had good Caribbean food since I went to Jamaica for vacation years ago. So happy that there is authentic Caribbean food here!" -Amy S.

Bourbon Street 4/5


Aiming to bring New Orleans to their guests, they specialize in serving delicious soul food. With their location in the heart of downtown Honolulu, there are endless possibilities of where to go and what to do after a comforting meal.


“The food was delicious. That comfort soul food feel. Per my in being in Louisiana.... I am definitely going back with or without the Louisiana natives.” -Jade N.

Shugga Momma Soulfood Kitchen, LLC 5/5


A soulful, seafood food truck that serves up hot meals on the weekend. Cooking up southern seafood is their specialty, and customers seem to love it!


“Cyndy's Bottom Line: Soul food made from the heart! ... The menu offers a great selection of items for breakfast, dinner, sides and desserts. I will definitely return for the catfish and peach cobbler! High recommend.” -Cyndy K.

Le Crepe Cafe 4.5/5


Their goal is to create a bright and enthusiastic ohana environment for everyone to experience. They strive daily to provide our guests with fresh, natural ingredients that not only taste good but also make customers feel good!


“From the moment I walked in I felt like I was transported to somewhere in France... this cafe is an Instagrammers and crepe lovers dream.” -Blessing O.

Ethiopian Love Restaurant 4/5


“The coffee ceremony is one of the most recognizable parts of Ethiopian culture. Coffee is offered when visiting friends, during festivities, or as a daily staple of life. If coffee is politely declined then most likely tea (shai) will be served.”


“At Ethiopian Love, dining with friends and family IS the experience of the evening, not the precursor to another event. Food is prepared intentionally, with Love, for you, in that moment. Everything is served "Family style", to be shared from one main plate, with all dishes poured out into sections like oil paints on a palette.” -Adaire S.

Local Joe 4.5/5


With 20 years of business, Local Joe provides a quaint atmosphere for some coffee and a little downtime during a busy day.


“Cool little spot In downtown, local joe is located just between smith st & Nuuanu ave where they both meet Nimitz hwy. Tried a latte which was really good, but definitely will back to try other drinks and to experience "latte art".” -KeAlii D.

Hughley’s Southern Cuisine 4/5


With both food trucks and a dine-in location, Hughley’s Southern cuisine serves up southern comfort food including a wide variety of greens and delicious fried delicacies.


“We stopped in for lunch and it was a great experience. The catfish was seasoned and fried perfectly. The cornbread honestly tastes like pound cake which is never a problem for me. I loved the sweet tea and yams too.” -Celeta S.

Hughley’s Express 4/5


An extension of Hughley’s southern cuisine, they’ve expanded their services to provide more meals to more hungry customers.


My ultimate selection was the beef brisket with mac n cheese and collard greens.  Brisket was soft and flavorful. I am definitely will come back here on my day off because my office building is located at Punchbowl St.” -Lily F.

Smokin’ Wings and Southern Things 4.5/5


Serving up barbeque embedded with southern soul, this food leaves customers wanting more. Open from 6AM to 6:30PM every weekday, they aim to deliver delicious meals with excellent service.


“The experience was incredible.  The chicken was tender, juicy, and infused with spices and topped with grilled onions and red bell peppers. Absolutely world class 5 stars!  Highly recommend!” -Steve Z.

Tasty Kreyol 4.5/5


A Family owned and operated business led by a husband and wife team. Wanting to bring their culture and food to O’ahu, Tasty Kreyol is the first and only Haitian food truck on the island, bringing the rich and delightful flavors of the Caribbean country of Haiti to Hawaii.


This was my first experience with Haitian food so I wasn't exactly sure what the best way to eat everything was. All I know is that a little bit of every component made the PERFECT bite.” -Jade S.

We hope you love trying out these local spots! We sure will on our end! Comment below which foods you're most looking forward to trying!


February 18, 2022 — Ashley Hartsfield

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