The best way to complete your go-to outfit is with the perfect accessories and a smile! We're obsessed with our Oversized Scrunchies as a way to to effortlessly upgrade our favorite outfits - from gym fits to casual looks to glam!



1.   Silky Scrunchie - Honeydew

2.   Tropical Paradise Scrunchie

3.   Ribbed Velvet Scrunchie - Sandy

4.   Ribbed Velvet Scrunchie - Juniper


We're ecstatic that the '80s are having a comeback with oversized scrunchies, because this is a style we can't get enough of!


You are a busy woman, running around multitasking, so our oversized scrunchies will help you save your time and will make you feel confident, stylish, and beautiful.

Images of 4 of our scrunchies

We've been having so much fun styling them with our different hair types behind the scenes in our photoshoots with our own hair and models' hair and also in our day to day lives! We thought you all might love to try some of these looks!

1. Wear our Scrunchies On Your Wrist


When I wear hand bands on my wrist, it brings me back to those moments growing up where I had several indent marks on my wrist (that sometimes hurt), because of how I always wore them there. Wearing hair ties on your wrist has so much utility to it, which is why so many women have them there. It's so convenient to just grab your hair tie if you need to tie your hair up all of a sudden. Plus, it can be fun to mix up your look midday!


At the same time, we're past those marks on our wrists! Our oversized scrunchies are incredibly soft and are wrist approved! No uncomfortable marks.


Hair bands on your wrist is out and scrunchies on your wrist is in! Let your hair down for a bit and your scrunchie will be there on your wrist when you need it!

Wearing oversized scrunchies on wrist. photo collage.

2. Wear a Scrunchie in a Classic Ponytail

Always struggling to make a high ponytail on that Afro? Well, you no longer have to worry about breaking bands and having to keep your hair down! You can easily put your hair up in a ponytail with our oversized scrunchies. Even with silky straight hair, our scrunchies add a little extra personality to your everyday loose or high pony looks!

photo collage of printed scrunchies in loose, classic ponytail. matches sports bra, essential leggings, and printed mini backpack.

3. Wear a Scrunchie in a Messy Bun


Embrace effortless & cute vibes with a messy bun. This is practically the easiest hairstyle to pull off and it's effortless. If you have thinner hair, this hairstyle is a great way of making your hair appear bigger and thicker. This style looks super cute with all hair types and textures. It doesn't take that much time to tie it, and you can wear it on many occasions such as a casual lunch date with your girlfriends, or when going out grocery shopping.

photo collage of oversized scrunchie in messy bun. pairs beautifully with activewear set, sports bra and leggings, in eden green color.

4. Wear a Scrunchie in a Sleek Bun

Elevate your look with a sleek bun! This style not only looks amazing when worn casual, but this is the perfect and easy way to style your hair for more formal occasions. Your hair will stay in place and look flawless, while still remaining effortless!

For a sleek bun look, we especially love our Silky Scrunchie - Honeydew! There's just something about the sleek style & silk look that match to make a gorgeous combination.

photo collage of oversized scrunchie in a sleek and chic bun.

5. Wear a Scrunchie in a Styled Bun


This last one might take a little longer to style than an easy pony or messy bun, but is still a fairly simple way to make your hair look on point with one of our oversized scrunchies.

The easiest way we love to style our buns a little extra is with some braids. 

Start making a french braid as usual and instead of tying in a pony, tie in a tight or messy low bun. Another unique way to style this vibe is to flip your hair upside down, to french braid your hair upside down and then to throw up on top of your head into a messy or tight bun. If you can't french braid, no worries! Another super cute go-to styled bun is to braid several strands on the outer layer of your hair and to bring those into a tight or messy bun.

photo of wearing loose and styled bun with french braid.

Recreate these looks on your own hair with our oversized scrunchies!

Our Scrunchies are the perfect match with our Island Dreams Collection! Complete your outfit. Mix and match these must have oversized scrunchies with our go-to pieces - including Hoodies, Sweatpants, Sports Bras, Leggings, Running Shorts, Biker Shorts, Mini Backpacks, Fanny Packs & More!

Thank you for taking the time to view some of the ways we love to style our oversized scrunchies! Comment below your favorite go-to styles!


March 01, 2022 — Laura Colantonio

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