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Work Hard. Stay Humble. Spread Aloha.

Meet Love Fitness Apparel

We are a small family business established here in beautiful Waipahu, Hawai'i.  Our pieces are beautifully constructed with a touch of aloha in every detail. We want individuals to feel empowered, confident & beautiful. We strive not only as a brand to design beautiful collections but to also do more good in this world -- to fight social beauty standards, environmental challenges & inequality issues by connecting with like-minded compassionate people who are willing to make even the smallest of changes to contribute to a better future. Mahalo nui loa for supporting.

Beautifully you.

Every body is worth celebrating! We're here to help in changing the narrative around beauty standards. Here's the facts. We are all beautiful in our own ways and you can rock any piece of clothing that makes you feel empowered, beautiful, and more "you".

Embracing Inclusivity.

As a growing brand, we are always looking for ways to represent all of the beautiful women who shop at Love Fitness. Beauty is a spectrum, including those of diverse background, size, and body shape. We now offer sizes from XS-3XL. We also do everything we can to represent the diversity of our audience in the models we select for our photoshoots.

Always Elevating.

We are always seeking ways to improve your experience with Love Fitness. From designing the utmost premium products, improving our line of products from customer feedback, creating engaging content to support happy living, to simply spreading aloha through every customer service encounter, we're all about doing better for you and the amazing community we have built together.

Aloha 'Aina

Something we love about the community we’ve grown with our brand following is how dedicated you all are to supporting our family owned business. We love how we are all building something together. As a customer and supporter of our brand, you are spreading spirit of aloha, which we truly believe is something that can enrich lives in incredibly beautiful ways. You all inspire us to not only level up our products with every collection through all of your feedback, but to do better as a business with influence.

The Hawaiian words "Aloha 'Aina" translate to "love of the land". As a Hawaiian brand, we are dedicated to elevating the standard for businesses when it comes to implementing and executing on eco-conscious practices. Here's some of what we're doing:

We're Slow Fashion.

Slow Fashion is an approach to producing clothing which takes into consideration to all aspects of the supply chain and in doing so, aims to respect people, the environment, and animals. It also means spending more time on the design process, ensuring that each piece of apparel is quality and made to last.

Down to our Packaging.

We use biodegradable & or recycled shipping mailers, ZERO hang tags and reusable zip garment bags, we have been working to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our Manufacturer Partners.

Thank you for your interest about the origin of our products. We appreciate your concern in understanding our business practices and want to take this opportunity to provide you with a transparent and educational response.

Being a company founded and owned by a mixed-race couple, we deeply value diversity and inclusivity, both in our personal lives and within our business. Our goal is to create a brand that celebrates different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. To achieve this, we work with manufacturers around the world who align with our values and meet our high standards of ethical production.

While we outsource much of our production, all of our products are proudly designed by us here in Hawai'i. We spend years perfecting and evolving our products based on our customers feedback.

One of our manufacturing partners is located in China and holds the BSCI certification, which stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative. This certification ensures that the working conditions in the factory adhere to rigorous social and environmental standards, including fair wages, safe working conditions, and respect for workers' rights. By choosing a BSCI-certified manufacturer, we actively promote fair labor practices and ethical production in our supply chain. These are some of the standards met by being BSCI certified:

♡ clean, well-ventilated working conditions

♡ fair pay

♡ paid voluntary overtime

♡ non-discriminatory hiring

♡ verified forced-labor free

♡ verified child-labor free

Additionally, we source some of our clothing from manufacturers in the US and Hawai'i. Supporting local businesses is important to us, and we believe in promoting the craftsmanship and expertise of artisans in different regions.

It's crucial to understand that manufacturing in China does not imply that our products are of lower quality or compromise our commitment to inclusivity. China has a long history of expertise in textile manufacturing and is home to many skilled artisans. By partnering with a BSCI-certified manufacturer, we ensure that our products are produced ethically and sustainably, meeting our high-quality standards.

We understand that concerns about the origin of products can arise due to misinformation or stereotypes. We encourage you to explore more about BSCI certification, which demonstrates our dedication to responsible sourcing.

We believe "honesty is the best policy" especially when it comes to our ethics as not just individuals, but as a company. We're always open to discussing our practices further in the case you have any additional questions. We are so incredibly thankful for your support.

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