I think my absolute favorite thing about creating recipes is the challenge I get when I take an old unhealthy one and remake it with a healthy twist. 

My biggest weakness is my sweet tooth. I am big on creating healthy treat recipes that taste amazing, but don’t sway me from my goals. I also like to keep things simple; having recipes that are super straight forward that don’t require 347 different ingredients is nice too!

With this Banana Cream Pie Recipe, we love that it's as sweet as it is health-conscious! There's options to sub out the ingredients for various options that best suit your tastes and preferences, but at the end of the day, you don't have to omit the yummy flavor of pie out of your diet to feel healthy.

Have no regrets about indulging your sweet tooth with this guilt- free, 100 calorie per serving Banana Cream Pie recipe!

We must have pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of pie.

Image of ingredients needed for Single Serving Banana Cream Pie recipe. This includes graham cracker crumbs, Cool Whip, Silk Coconut Milk, Bananas, and Instant Vanilla Pudding.


  • 1 or 2 small Bananas
  • 1 pack of Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding - I used Simply Delish brand strictly because it's sweetened with Stevia and no artificial sweeteners etc. 
  • Cool Whip - I used low fat

  • 3/4 cups Graham crumbs - I used Gluten Free
  • 1.5 cups of Coconut Milk
  • 1/4 cups Melted Butter or Coconut Oil

In the mood to mix it up? An amazing twist on strawberry shortcake can also be accomplished by simply replacing the bananas with fresh strawberries!

We used Gluten Free, Low Fat, and Sugar alternatives with these ingredients, but feel welcome to change these out with others if that suits your tastes better!

This recipe is about 100 calories per serving!



Step 1


Combine 1 pack of Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding and 1.5 cup coconut milk. Mix with an electric hand mixer on medium for 2-3 minutes. Until thick pudding consistency.


Step 2


In a separate bowl, combine 3/4 cups Graham Crumbs + 1/4 cups Melted Butter (or Coconut Oil) and mix.


Step 3


Take 4 small jars or two bigger ones or even use bowls, honestly whatever you have! Start by layering the graham crumb mixture at the bottom, then layer with pudding.


Step 4


Cut Banana into small slices, then layer on top of the pudding.


Step 5


Add Cool Whip to the top with a little sprinkle of graham crumbs.

Banana Cream Pie Single Serving from Love Fitness Apparel x Alyssa Marie. Photo shows a jar with layers of graham crumbs, vanilla pudding, banana, and Cool Whip.

A little peek of what you have to look forward to:

Recipe made with love by Alyssa

Mahalo for checking out this Love Fitness x Aly Marie recipe!  For more on Alyssa, check out her Instagram @alymariee._ and Lifestyle Blog for recipes and more!

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April 18, 2022 — Alyssa Marie x Love Fitness

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