Top 10 Ways to Eat Healthy On The Go
Its 2022 and life is BUSY. Between responsibilities, work life and making time for yourself can be challenging, never mind trying to eat healthy in between the chaos. We're here to help! Here's our top 10 recommendations to eat healthy on the go.
What Does Your Birth Flower Say About You?
Birth flowers have a myriad of meanings and the concept itself stems from its origin in Roman times, when the tradition of celebrating birthdays started. The โ€œlanguageโ€ of flowers began to evolve in the 18th century and since then each flower has gained a hidden meaning. With this in mind, here are each monthโ€™s corresponding birth flowers and their meanings!
Our Favorite Ways to Unwind & Relax
In need of a little R&R? One can never have enough relaxation. It is important to make some time for YOU, take the time to decompress, reflect, and seek comfort in the simple things. Here's some of our favorite methods.
Bloom Collection: Inspirational Phone Wallpapers for Download
You are in bloom this season and there's no better way to remind yourself of this than by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel empowered! Here's some of our favorite Bloom Collection inspired phone wallpapers to save!
Meet our Bloom Collection
Embrace your true colors in full bloom. Introducing a collection with versatility in styles and vibrant colors. Created to nourish your mind, body, and soul with flowy and airy fabrics as you cultivate your next season of life.
Homemade Pop Tarts Recipe (SF & GF)
We're all about guilt-free treats! These air fryer pop tarts are simple to make, sweet in flavor without all the added sugar, and customizable to your taste! Choose your flavor and enjoy!
Guacamole Recipe
Don't worry guac, we're extra too. Keep it simple with this quick, easy, and authentic Guacamole Recipe! Enjoy it with your favorite tortilla chips, some veggies, or some tacos!
The Perfect Plant For You!
If you want to be a plant mom today, we'll help you get started! Even if you don't have the greenest thumb, there's a plant for you! Here is our guide to getting the perfect plant for you based on your lifestyle! ๐Ÿ’š
Manifesting: Crystals & Outfits that Align With Your Intention
We're all about putting in positive energy into the world and aligning our focus with our intentions. Manifest your goals with these outfits that match with the aesthetic and vibe of your favorite crystals.
Best Workouts in the Least Amount of Time
Letโ€™s face it, we have all struggled with making the most out of the 24 hours we are given in a day. Here are our top 4 best workouts to do in the least amount of time that will give you the results you are looking for.
10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day ๐ŸŒŽ
Save the Earth and celebrate Earth Day with meaningful and fun ways to help the environment from composting, recycling, sustainability and so much more.
Single Serving Banana Cream Pie
Keep it simple with this quick and easy single-serving Banana Cream Pie! It's a little something sweet with low sugar, low calories, low fat, Gluten Free option, and all the yummy flavor!
New Product Alert: For your Cutie with a booty ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ‘โœจ
Leggings are the perfect pant for everybody and every puppy! Keep your pup supported in comfort, whether it be while lounging on the couch, going for long walks, or play time with friends.
Chicken Fried Rice Recipe
This delicious chicken fried rice is like having authentic chicken fried rice but without all the extra grease and calories. A healthy take on it, so easy to make also has the most amazing flavor layers.
The Pups of Team LFA
Meet the dogs of Team LFA! As a family business, we thought it would be perfect to share these special members of our family. These pups bring us so much joy on the day-to-day and we know they will make you smile too.
Single Serving Banana Chocolate Muffin
If you're looking for a little snack, dessert, or breakfast, this recipe is an awesome and quick to make single serving or shareable option.
How to Style Your Oversized Scrunchie
The best way to complete your go-to outfit is with the perfect accessories and a smile! Here's our favorite ways to upgrade our go-to outfits with our oversized scrunchies!
Yelp Top 10: Best Black-Owned Restaurants (Honolulu, HI)
Whether you're a local to Oahu resident or someone stopping by the island for a vacation, getting 'ono (delicious) food is a way to engage in the local culture as well as support local business! With this in mind, we wanted to highlight Yelp's Top 10 Black-owned Restaurants on Oahu for you to try!
Love Yourself Challenge
We challenged all of you to love yourself a little more late last year and especially in the peak of a new year, we want all of this positivity to continue - empowering us all to live confidently and happily!...
Shop by Vibe
Looking for the perfect Valentine's and Galentine's gifts? We got you covered! There's something for everyone! Here's some of our top picks for you and the ladies in your lives depending on their style and vibe!
New! Impact Collection Lookbook
Inspired by Earth tones and our ultra cool fabrics, we've created our newest collection to help you feel empowered as you make your impact on this great, big world!