2023 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

This Valentine's day will be full of love! Whether you have a Valentine, Galentine, or a Palentine, the 14th is the perfect day to make them feel special!

Of course, gift-giving always proves to be difficult or stressful- especially for someone who means so much to you. To make it easier, here's our gift guide based on their love language to help you out and ease that gift-giving stress!

Words of affirmation

If words of affirmation are your love language, then a simple text asking you how your day was, or someone reminding you how much they care may be the things that make you smile. You may also be the type of person who appreciates letters and others cheering you on!

If you know someone whose love language is words of affirmation, the best thing you can do is to check in on them! Even if it’s a short, sweet, and simple text saying, “How’ve you been?” it’ll make all the difference. If you’re getting them a gift, it’s always good to pair it with a card or handwritten note. They’ll deeply appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you’ve given into writing for them, maybe as much as the gift itself!

Speaking of gifts, here are some pieces that are easy to pair with a card and they’ll love!

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Quality Time

If your love language is quality time, spending time with the people you care about sounds terrific! Whether it'd be over dinner, coffee, or even at home, it doesn't matter too much. Having someone actively engage in a conversation with you warms your heart, and sometimes just them taking time out of their busy schedule to be with you is all you need.

If you know someone whose love language is quality time,  time together is one of the best gifts you can give! It’s up to you how elaborate you’d like it to be, but even a simple activity like staying home and watching a movie or playing board games will mean the world to them.

If you're planning to spend some time at home as a gift and lounging around seems to be calling your name, here are some products that might be the cherry on top of a great night in!

Acts of Service

If your love language is acts of service, having someone who goes out of their way to help you out is exactly what makes you feel special! If someone in your life makes it a point to check in on you, do errands for you when you’ve had a busy day, or even make you a homecooked meal since you’ve been only eating take out- it’d be no surprise if they’re special to you!

If you know someone whose love language is acts of service, the best gift that you can give them is some extra help. With all the humbug of life having an extra pair of hands to stay on top of things makes so much of a difference and they’ll appreciate all the help you give, even if it’s something as simple as going for a coffee run.

The combo of an act of service while also getting a gift is unmatched! If you want to add a gift to a coffee run you’re doing, here are some of our favorite pieces that can help them feel like they’re always supported.

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If your love language is gifts, then it’s as simple as that! You value the thoughtfulness that goes with a gift. Each item you receive means a lot, as it represents part of the person who gave you the gift. With this in mind, a gift could be as simple as a handmade craft or as elaborate as a fancy dinner. Either way, it really is the though that counts!

If you know someone whose love language is gifts, then there’s no need to overthink it. Looking for something that you’ve put some thought into will be more than enough to show you care! Just try your best and they’ll appreciate every ounce of effort.

When getting a gift, it can sometimes be hard to find one that they'll fall in love with; so, we’ll help you out by showing a few of our best sellers that might end up being the gift you were looking for!

Physical Touch

If your love language is physical touch, having someone there makes all the difference! If you are having a rough day, someone giving you a pat on the back or a reassuring hug can help those blues melt away. Having someone that close makes you feel that much more connected, supported, and loved!

If you know someone whose love language is physical touch, make sure you make time to be there for them. Hugs, back rubs, a reassuring handhold, or even playing with their hair can be what changes their day for the better.

Physical touch is a great way to show some love, and the both of you being comfortable is our top priority! Here are our softest pieces that will keep you both cozy during those quieter moments.

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Thank you so much for checking out our Love Language Gift Guide! 

Let us know if your gift-giving stress was eased and what your love language is by commenting down below! 

During a season full of love, make sure you don't neglect your self-love too! As important as it is to celebrate the special people in our lives, make sure you know that YOU are oh-so-special and deserve only the best that life has to offer. 

With that being said, Happy Valentine's Day and we hope you have an amazing time!

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February 08, 2023 — Ashley Hartsfield

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