Love Fitness's 2022 Reflection

As 2022 comes to an end, we've been reflecting on all the little moments of the year. We've launched so many pieces we're proud of and we've also received so many comments from you all! 

Here are some of our favorite comments from all of you that have given us moments of gratitude and made us happy dance!

Shout out to: Our smile-makers

There were so many reviews that made us smile! 

A smile always helps keeps our spirits high and these reviews are just what we needed! Thank you for all the fun-filled moments you have shared in your reviews!




"Best leggings ever. I just got my leggings today and immediately fell in love with them from the first touch. super comfy and soft, and makes everything look smooth. 

Makes big-name brands look bad lol these will for sure be the only leggings I recommend from now on. also love the fact that they're small family owned!"

LF Customer: Taylor Alexander (Essential Leggings - Black)

This gave us quite a laugh, thank you for leaving such a funny review!


"First item ordered from Love Fitness Apparel even though I’ve followed them for a long time. I love love my leggings and instantly ordered more activewear twice LOL! A little spendy for sure but worth it!"

LF Customer: Allison Howell (Allure Seamless Leggings - Electric Blue)

Happy to hear that you enjoyed your first order! If you want to get some more products, don't worry we won't tell 😉 


"Amazing! These shorts’ fabrics are on point. The material is just so soft and thick. I love it. I need all the colors! Lol"

LF Customer:  Florence Mae Mon (Celestial Sweat Shorts - Stone)

We looooove a comfy moment and are so glad you love the fabric! Thanks for leaving such an extremely relatable review!

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shout out to: our Confident queens

One of the best things we love to see is you feeling confident!

With that in mind, it was amazing to see reviews where you all felt even just a bit more confident in out pieces. We are so happy you feel like a queen, and are more than happy to help you keep feeling like the queen you are!


"I’m in love with the pattern on this bra! It’s beautiful and goes with several pairs of leggings! 

It’s also so comfortable and makes me feel confident and supported. Super flattering fit!"

LF Customer: Melody Hoff (Island Dreams Sports Bra)

More than anything we love to hear that you feel supported and delighted to hear you feel confident queen! Thanks for the review beautiful!


"I can't say enough good things about this bra! I have it in hydrangea and white color and both are stunning. The one-shoulder design is unique and makes me feel beautiful and confident. 

I was worried about the side without a strap slipping during workouts but that is not an issue. If they come out with more colors I will be buying more."

LF Customer: Audra McGinnis (Lily Sports Bra - Lilies)

Just like the bra, you are unique and stunning! Thank you for supporting us love!


"A-MAZ-ing!!! Love love LOVE my new bra! It's gorgeous, extremely comfortable, and gives me a huge boost of confidence just wearing it.

Quality construction, beautiful fabric, excellent support. I have already bought other LFA products, and am planning to get even more :)"

LF Customer: Tracy Mantell (Tropical Paradise Sports Bra)

Thank you for your continued support and your review! Wishing you only the best, queen!

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Shoutout to: Our gym girlies

As a fitness brand, we love to hear about how you're getting gains all while looking good!

Quality is extremely important to us, and if something LOOKS good it better FEEL good too! 

We want you to feel supported while working out, and make sure nothing stops you girl! Reviews like these help us keep the grind!


"I use these for boxing, running at the park, as well as my normal gym session! I like the high rise and the short length isn't too long where it cuts off my legs. Would recommend these 100%"

LF Customer: Brando (Effortless Pocket Shorts - Hydrangea)

Get them gains girl! More than happy to hear that our shorts can keep up with your hard work!


"So easy to work out in love these for heading to the gym or just doing errands! The waistband stays put and doesn't roll. Super soft and breathable!"

LF Customer: Jodi Smaga (Effortless Leggings - Scorpion)

Thanks for the review! Good luck in that grind queen, glad we can support you!


"They boost my confidence whenever I wear them to the gym & I love the color. The pockets are EVERYTHING as well! 100% buying more in other colors!"

LF Customer: Emily Redenshek (Effortless Pocket Leggings - Lavender)

Yay! Love that you love one of our favorite pieces! Thanks for the review love!

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Shoutout to: superhero moms

We wanted to give a shout-out to the moms out there!

One of our goals is to create products that will support you and your body at any point in your life. You are beautiful just the way you are, and we want you to make sure you know that! Here's to all the moms, and thank you for your reviews.


"Effortless style for an active on-the-go Mom! I LOVE this dress! Everyone compliments me when I wear it. 

It makes me feel beautiful but very practical for running errands, taking the kids to their activities, and even participating in Baby Ballet with my little one, then also looking cute and stylish for a lunch date with the hubby during the busy day."

LF Customer: Kamakoa Zablan (Bodhi Active Dress - Guava)

Nice to hear that this piece is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle! Thank you for your kind review!


"You will not regret this purchase! 

I struggle with shorts, as a mom of 3, and my own insecurities. These fit amazing and feel even better!"

LF Customer:  Amber McAuley (Impact Runners - Aurora)

It means the world to us that you feel amazing in these shorts! Thank you for all that you do, you're doing great mama!


"My new favorite shorts. These shorts are the absolute best! 

The stretch and fit are amazing. I can wear these to the gym or to my kids' soccer games and I always get so many compliments. I love them so much I bought two more pairs!"

LF Customer: Love fitness fan (Honey Pineapple Runners)

Woohoo! Delighted to hear that you feel good and look good queen!

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Shoutout to: our heartwarmers

Some of you really have a way with words!

Of course, every review means so much to us, but there are some that undeniably warm the heart. Thank you for the sweet reviews, and for making us smile ❤️ 


"Hands down the best shorts for running. I never write reviews but had to for these shorts. 

They’re incredible for any type of workout. They’re the ONLY pair that I’ve ever tried that doesn’t ride up during a run. They’re also the PERFECT length. They’re long enough that they stay in place but also they’re short enough to be super cute and don’t look like a full-on biker short."

LF Customer: Courtney Clark (Leopard Pocket Shorts)

We love that you're in love! Happy to hear this is your perfect running shorts 🖤 


"I NEVER leave reviews for anything. Even the amazing stuff. I just never make time to leave them……..however 👀👀👀 when I tell you this is THE BEST gym apparel line I’ve ever bought from, I mean it ONE MILLION PERCENT! 

If their were 20 stars, I’d be selecting that instead! So comfortable, breathable, fits well, stays up and never rolls down in the waist, and hugs all the right places! Wear them in the gym or out and about for daily errands! Literally so comfortable! I promise you that you would be seriously missing out if you pass on the opportunity to treat yourself with anything from this clothing line!!"

LF Customer: MP (Teal Pineapple Runners)

Glad to hear you'd give us 20 stars if you could! Thank you for all the support dear!


"OMG I have been drooling over Love Fitness Apparel’s IG for a year now but never pulled the trigger. But as a reward for achieving my health goal I rewarded myself and so glad I did!

This jacket is high quality, beautiful color, and the details are insane. The pineapple charm and thumb holes are my faves. This will be a key staple in my wardrobe as soon as we get out of this 100-degree temps! I will be buying more in the future! "

LF Customer: Alyssa Galloway (Impact Jacket - Storm)

Thank you so much for the review (and for trying us out)! Congrats on achieving your health goal, we wish you the beat in your future endeavors!

Get a peek at these beloved pieces!

Thank you so much for checking out the blog and leaving such memorable reviews!

With 2022 ending and the new year beginning, we wanted to spotlight some of our most beloved reviews this year (although every single one means so much to us)! 

As a small, family-owned business we strive to do our best to deliver high-quality products to all of you, and leaving a review about what you love and what we need to improve on, makes all the difference! 

Happy New Year, and thank you all once again!

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