Need more green in your fashion diet?



Spring is right around the corner which means nature will return, once again, to its lovely green!


With this in mind, the spring season is filled with a few green-centered holidays and if your closet is lacking in the green department, we got you covered! Keep reading to find some of our iconic LF greens!

Three models with green watercolor graphics

Surround Yourself with Green




Green is ever-present in nature, representing the lush fields and bountiful gardens.



We LOVE incorporating greens into our pieces since it's an integral part of the beauty of Hawai'i'!


This color represents tangible ideas such as good health, peace, and growth! Emotionally, the color green represents multiple positive traits, including but not limited to the following: stability, fortitude, good fortune, kindness, promise, protection, and new beginnings.


With green-themed holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day (3/17), Spring Equinox (3/ 20), and Earth Day (4/22), dressing in green will help set you up for success as you manifest all the positivity that the color green represents!

Love Fitness Loves Greens

Spring is almost here, which means it's time for a wardrobe refresh! Need more greens in your closet? We got you!

We offer a variety of colors that are made to bring out your natural beauty. 

With this in mind, we offer multiple shades of gorgeous greens so you can find just-the-right-one that's calling out your name!

1. Eden

Eden is a rich, classic green that resembles the hues of iconic pine trees, forests, and beautiful Spring and Summer leaves!

This is one of our most beloved colors and a popular customer staple!

Some of our fav pieces that Eden comes in:

Embrace your inner goddess with our gorgeous-on-everyone Eden!

Model is wearing Eden Leilani Sports Bra with Green graphics

Embrace your Inner goddess

Add a pop of color to your wardrobe, while still keeping it natural. Eden is bound to make you feel as confident & beautiful as you are!

2. Scorpion

This is our newest shade of green from our Sedona Collection, which is centered around seeking adventure and exploring nature. We made sure to choose colors that'll keep you looking your best while you experience the journey ahead.

Scorpion is well-loved and featured in these products:

Be ready for anything - maybe your next adventure? Either way, Scorpion's your gal.

Model is wearing Scorpion set with Green graphics

Be ready for anything

Scorpion, while an olive-toned green in neutral lighting, tends to change depending on the lighting. This quality is something we LOVE about Scorpion (& we know you will too! 😉)

 3. Guava

Try out our bright green inspired by the Guava fruit!

With our business being local to Hawai'i, we make it a point to include local ties in our brand. From classic drinks like the Hawaiian Sun Guava Juice to harvesting the fruit itself, we're huge fans of Guava, and including it as a color was a MUST!

Pieces that Guava is featured in:

  • Bodhi Active Dress
  • Bodhi Active Crop Top
  • Effortless Leggings
  • Effortless Pocket Leggings
  • Effortless Pocket Shorts
  • Effortless Boyfriend Active Tee
  • Eloise Sports Bra
  • Breathe Active Flow Tee
  • Lily Sports Bra

Be the pick of the bunch in Guava!

Model is wearing Lily top and Guava shorts with Green graphics

A Green as sweet as you are!

Guava is one of our favorite pops of color! She's naturally outgoing of a color and is perfect to manifest warmer, brighter days ahead!

4. Honeydew

We love our fruits, so of course, we no doubt had to include Honeydew!

Embrace your sweet side while wearing Honeydew! As part of our Island Dreams collection, Honeydew is an iconic color that represents the sweet side of the Hawaiian islands!

Honeydew can be found in:

Go ahead and take a bite right out of Honeydew!

Model is wearing Honeydew set with Green graphics

Honey, do it.

Honeydew is a beautiful soft blue-green. This color emulates comfort and we know you'll feel the same while wearing it!

5. Juniper

We're onto our tree-inspired colors!

Juniper is a balanced blue-green, exuding a sense of tranquility and harmony. As another cool-toned shade, this is perfect for those who have a rosy complexion since it'll bring out your natural color.

Juniper can be found in these LF pieces:

Have fun and feel free wearing Juniper!

Model is wearing Juniper set with Green graphics

Be one with nature

Juniper is the perfect dewy green for the Springtime. Get ready for the seasons changing with this beautiful pop of color!

6. Willow

Onto the next tree-inspired color of the hour, we have Willow!

Willow is a neutral mellow green, and embodies a sense of strength and determination. As a warm-toned shade, if you have yellow undertones this shade is a match for you!

Willow has the spotlight on these products:

Grow into your best self while wearing Willow!

Model is wearing Willow set with Green graphics

Seamless Comfort

Our Odina Seamless Set in Willow is a gorgeous subtle green meant to keep you feeling empowered no matter where life takes you.

7. Monstera

You thought we were done?

We have prints featuring beautiful flora that thrive on the islands! One of these is our Monstera print, containing a various assortment of these leaves.

This one-of-a-kind pattern is used on these pieces:

Stand confident in our gorgeous Monstera print!

Model is wearing Willow set with Green graphics

You better be-leaf it!

We always love a good print and Monstera is no exception! Embrace the island vibes of these pieces as we welcome in warmer weather! These pieces also mix & match beautifully with the colors Honeydew, Eden, and Juniper!

8. Tropical Paradise

The second print we have that's inspired by the island's flora is our Tropical Paradise print.

With an assortment of tropical palms and Birds of Paradise flowers, this classic Love Fitness print has become another customer staple!

Shop for Tropical Paradise on these products:

Treat yourself to the next best thing to a tropical paradise vacay - a new set!

Model is wearing Willow set with Green graphics

Insert Copy here

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We hope you fill up on your greens!

As winter comes to a close and spring draws near, we want to give our appreciation for the LF 'ohana and thank you for all your support! The winter season is always one heck of a rollercoaster due to the many holidays, but every single bit of support makes it all worth it! 

Thank you so, so much and we hope you enjoy your greens! 💚

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March 16, 2023 — Ashley Hartsfield

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