Feeling a little down this winter season?

It’s okay, a lot of people experience winter blues, whether it be because of the lack of sun, holiday burnout, or being stuck inside. But, we got you covered! If you are looking for a way to try and cure those winter blues, look no further! Here are ten ways you can find some cheer during this cold (& at times - exhausting!) winter season.

1. Make some art!

With all the white and grays of the winter season, sometimes a splash of color can change your mood for the better!

Dive into some art and make something for fun! Try your hand at making hand-drawn cards, a simple acrylic painting, or even a fanart from your favorite show. Whatever you make doesn’t need to be the next Mona Lisa, as long as you have fun making it, that’s what matters! 

Personally, I love to doodle cute drawings! Even though they’re simple, drawing something that’s cute always brings a smile to my face, especially when it’s related to people I care about. For example, I really enjoy drawing dogs since I have a dog myself (his name is Mason)!

Take your time and embrace your creative side, from silly little doodles to a heartfelt card, the process of making art could bring a smile on a dreary day.

2. Make a custom playlist for yourself or a friend

If you’re an avid listener of music you probably already have multiple playlists for dedicated activities, so why not make another playlist for yourself or as a gift for a friend?

Music can always soothe the soul, especially when we’re deep in our thoughts. Maybe it’s time to make a playlist that sums up how these winter blues makes you feel. This could help you let out those emotions into something tangible and help you process them, really helping you move past those blues. 

However, if you already have too many playlists for yourself, sometimes the act of making something for someone can be quite a delight, especially if you know them well! Try to pick their favorite songs or maybe choose music that’ll match their general vibe. You can even name the playlist, “Dear (insert name), this one is for you!” This is a sweet gesture that really goes a long way and can warm their heart!

3. Try a hand at journaling

If you’ve ever had a hard time processing emotions, especially when it may be too cold to go out and meet friends, journaling might be the key! 

You can keep it as simple or as elaborate as you like. Whether you’re cutting and pasting with colorful decorations or treating it like a diary, journaling is both therapeutic and helpful. 

If you need a prompt to get you started try writing about your favorite memory from the past week! Get into the details of why this memory sticks out to you, and try your best to illustrate it clearly. Another prompt that you can try is to write about what you’re thankful for this winter. Mindfulness exercises such as this always shift things into a different perspective, changing a dreary tone to one that focuses on gratefulness and appreciation!

And if you’d like, check out these stickers and stationary to see if they’re calling your name!

Illustrated girl journaling thinking "what should I write about?"

4. Sit down & binge-watch

Been waiting to catch up on your favorite show, or maybe even find a new favorite? Try binge-watching a show! Sit down, get some snacks, and dive into the deep end getting to know characters as you follow them throughout their adventures!

 Experience the suspense, heartbreak, and triumphs of a show all at once. Popular shows that you can stream right now are: The Last of Us, Abbot Elementary, Ginny & Georgia, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

If shows aren’t your thing, cuddle up under a blanket and have a movie marathon! No matter the movie genre, taking some “you” time to enjoy some quality entertainment can help keep you on the edge of your seat during a season when things might seem slow after the winter holidays. Some of the top movies you can watch from home are: M3GAN, Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, The Menu, and Everything Everywhere All At Once.

5. Take the time to tidy up

Sometimes when you’ve been stuck at home for a while due to the cold, winter weather things can get a bit messy (which is okay!) and to help clear your mind a need a good ‘ol clean might do the trick! 

Cleaning might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but tidying up may help you get a clearer sense of mind. Actually starting is always the hardest part, so go into it with a game plan! Maybe focus on one room at a time, or even focus on cleaning up one type of thing. For example: collecting and washing all of the dirty dishes, putting all of your clothes away, or vacuuming the rooms one by one; either way, it’s up to you!

Try your best even when it can get difficult. A clean space = a clean mind. At the end of the day, it’s worth a shot and is good practice!

6. Try a new recipe

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal! If you’ve been eyeing a new dish or have one in mind, it’s time to try making it yourself.

Trying to make a new dish is an exciting and worthwhile endeavor! Making something handmade is incredibly satisfying, and totally Instagram-able! After you take some pics of your beautiful creation, enjoy the deliciousness you have created! If you’d like to try our Chicken Fried Rice Recipe if you’re looking for something savory!

If savory isn’t calling your name, homemade baked goods bring out the cheer during the cold winter season. Try your hand at classic, sweet baked goods like muffins and cakes. But if you’re looking for something a tad bit sweeter, cave into your sweet tooth and try out our Fudge Brownies Recipe!

7. Have a Pajama day

Embrace your childhood nostalgia and stay cozy in your PJs!

Waking up on a winter morning with your favorite pair of pajamas is something that’s both nostalgic and comforting, so why not spend a whole day in them? 

Build a pillow fort if you want a childhood throwback, either way, don’t be ashamed to feel like a kid again! 

With all of the responsibilities that come with being an adult, a break is well-deserved.

And don't forget your favorite pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal if you have one! 

Get cozy and rekindle the childhood magic of having a day of fun for yourself.

If you want to enjoy the feeling of having a pajama day, but wish you could feel even more comfortable than what your PJs can provide, check out our Phaedra sets! It’s like wearing a hug!

Illustrated girl sleeping and thinking "Another five minutes"

8. Read a good book

In your downtime, it might be worth it to pick up a book this winter! Books have a bad reputation for being long and tiresome, but if you can find one that fits you juuuust right, BAM! Instant classic!

There’s a world of genres for you to explore, so don’t think you’re stuck in one genre. Dive into fantasy and get whisked away into a world of magic, or find yourself stuck in the middle of a murder mystery. 

The world is your oyster! 

Personally, I’m a sucker for a good fantasy book with lots of illustrations to immerse myself in the book's world, so I’d recommend checking out: Hooky! It’s available digitally on Webtoon, and you can purchase parts one and two of the series at Barnes & Noble

If you're having a hard time selecting a book for yourself, Barnes & Noble usually has a surprise book section by checkout where you can grab a book based on what you enjoy reading. This is a great way of finding authors or titles you may not have considered reading before! For even more inspo, you should consider joining an in-person or digital book club! We love Book of the Month for making us feel consistently motivated to read!

Whether it be a digital book or a physical one, diving into a new world filled with characters and their adventures might help clear the winter blues away.

9. Get your self-care on

Bath bombs, skin care, online shopping- whatever it is, do what you gotta do to remind yourself that you’re a queen and that you deserve to relax this winter!

Comforting scents are such a delight when it is cold out. Grab a lighter, your favorite scented candle, and spark that flame of comfort as you unwind and sink yourself into some peace. Personally, my favorite candle is the scent Champagne Toast from Bath & Body Works! If you like fruity and sweet smells, check it out here!

Slip on your favorite set of comfy clothes, put on a face mask, and let your body relax! Sometimes lying down and reflecting on how you feel in the present moment is enough to help your muscles relax. 

Take deep breaths and enjoy the present, embrace the comfort queen!

10. Host a game night

If you have friends or family over this winter season, a game night might be the optimal choice! Have fun playing classic board games or try your hand at multiplayer video games if you have a console. 

Some of our favorite classic board games include Monopoly, The Game of Life, Jenga, Scrabble, and Clue. 

As for video games, amazing party games include Mario Party and Mario Kart which are both available on the Nintendo Switch! 

And if board games or video games don’t fit your group, charades are always sure to be hit! If you need words for the game, try out this charade generator!

A night’s sure to be fun when everyone is competing against each other in a friendly game!

Thank you for reading and we hope you can cure those winter blues! 

With winter coming to a close, we wanted to share how you can shake away those cold vibes so you can go into spring feeling motivated and energized! 

What are you looking most forward to for Spring? Let us know by commenting down below! 🌷🌱

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February 28, 2023 — Ashley Hartsfield

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