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Kōkua Maui

If you're not connected with what has been happening, beginning on August 8th our neighboring island Maui, a picturesque Hawaiian paradise with rich history, witnessed devastating wildfires fueled by dry conditions and strong winds. We urge you to educate yourself on how vast the devastation of these fires has really been.


We are incredibly sad as we sit here on Oahu feeling literally HELPLESS for everyone on Maui. Our hearts are broken in a million pieces. If you have ever been to Maui and been through Lāhainā - it was truly such a special place. The small town, historical buildings, the people, the homes, family businesses, beautiful banyan trees – all severally devastated. We're sending our thoughts and all our aloha to the families impacted by the wildfires. We are asking you to send all your aloha to Hawai’i.


Something we really love about the spirit of aloha is how we've witnessed our community in Oahu come together in support of Maui and even witnessing how much you all – in our amazing and supportive Love Fitness ohana – have taken time to reach out to us asking how you can help.


We’ve made a direct donation through one of the donation links we shared in our IG story. If this was us in their position we would NEVER be able to recover. The hardships we already face owning a business in Hawai’i is challenging enough and to go through such a devastating experience is life changing so we ask for your Kōkua (help in Hawaiian) to donate to help alleviate the financial burden these families and small businesses now must endure. While all help is meaningful, we've gathered resources where we feel will be the most beneficial to contribute. We'll list them below for you to directly reference.

How to help victims of the Maui wildfires

‘Āina Momona is one of many organizations mobilizing to provide support the families impacted by the devastating wildfires that occurred on August 8, 2023.

There are 3 primary fundraisers going on:

1. Kōkua Maui

This fund will go to Hawai'i Community Foundation's Maui Strong Fund.

2. Emergency Aid to Maui Families

This fund, and all other money raised for Maui outside the Kōkua Maui fundraiser, will be directly distributed to Maui families who have been verified by community partners to have been impacted by the Maui wildfires. This money has already started to distribute to Maui families in need.

3. Maui County Firefighter Relief

This fund, and all money raised, will be directly disbursed in coordination with Maui United Way to the firefighters, lifeguards, and EMTs who have been directly impacted by the Maui wildfires. These selfless heroes are still standing on the frontlines every day for the safety of our communities, despite being affected themselves.

Donate Directly to Families in Need

The below personal fundraisers are those which have been verified to be families who lost their homes in the Lahaina wildfires. We encourage people to give directly to these families who have lost everything.


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