Melted Popsicle Collection by Love Fitness Collage

Introducing our newest Melted Popsicle Collection 😋, featuring a range of activewear pieces designed to keep you feeling cool and comfortable while you move. With a vibrant color palette inspired by the refreshing flavors of summertime, our range of tops, leggings, and shorts will brighten up any workout.

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Melted Popsicle Collection outfits
Introducing all new colors in our melted popsicle collection. Coconut, lemon drop, shave ice, sweet tart, tropsicle
Melted Popsicle Collection outfits. Officially launching June 15th at 11am HST
Melted Popsicle Collection outfits gif
Melted Popsicle Collection outfits collage

"Summer is loading... and it just got sweeter!"

Melted Popsicle Collection outfits

Breathable fabrics will keep you feeling as cool as a popsicle

Our high-quality, breathable fabrics will keep you feeling fresh and dry no matter how intense your workout gets. Designed with functionality in mind. So add a little summer fun to your activewear wardrobe and embrace the outdoors in style. With our Melted Popsicle Collection, the possibilities for movement are endless.

New Drip? New Drop. Ethereal Cinched Tank in Lemon Drop

Want vip early access to the collection?

Aloha friends! Summer just got sweeter with our new vibrant summer inspired colors and styles designed to keep you cool and dry! Our new Melted Popsicle Collection launches June 15th @ 11am Hawai'i Time.

Shop early and join our VIP email or sms list to get exclusive early access before anyone else does. 

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June 08, 2023 — Crystal Goode

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