We put the viral leggings hack to the test to see if it was Love Fitness Approved-(spoiler alert; IT IS!)

There’s no doubt why this leggings trend was so intriguing. The funny WOW factor that a pair of tried-n-true-leggings could not only effortlessly curl your hair overnight and look GOOD, but you can also prevent heat damage?!?! SIGN US UP!!!

Social Media took this trend by storm and ran with it. We appreciate a good viral bit as much as the rest, so we wanted to test out a few ways to make sure it was “legging friendly” and what makes the best curl etc. 

We absolutely agree that different factors come into play here like: what type of legging (fabric and how it aids in the drying process or not) if you air dry and prep your hair vs right outta the shower wet, leaving it in overnight or just a few hours you can spare before an event, etc.

Legging and fabric material makes a slight difference on how long your dry time takes so be mindful if you are not sleeping in these curls and want to do a quick legging curl style (yes, we have confirmed you can totally achieve this look in one or two hours)! 

Grab your leggings. Graphic shows flat-lay of various Love Fitness Leggings

Below I recommend two leggings that were absolute rockstars of the bunch and will leave your curls perfectly non-kinked every time: Seamless Leggings and Effortless Leggings. Because we know all too well how it feels going through effort of doing heatless curls - only to have it be frizzy and crazy at the ends (😭 😭 😭).

Seamless Leggings

Excellent for thicker and longer hair! Something about the stretchy and forgiving material is just *chefs kiss*.

Effortless Leggings

Excellent for medium silky hair types! The plush brushed interior of thelegging aids in drying fast and keeping grip of that silky hair.

Angela showing her Effortless Leggings inside out that she plans on using to wrap her hair.
Angela pointing to her head showing that the leggings will go on her head.

Prepping your lovely locks aid in the way the curl will hold and combat frizz if your ends are prone to it. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl as well, you can adjust the time or level of air dried you like. The thing we love about this “hack” gone viral is that it is totally customizable and user friendly!

The 2 Curl methods:

1) The Classic Heatless Curl Method

Step 1

Angela starting the process of wrapping her hair around her leggings.
Angela starting the process of wrapping her hair around her leggings.

This method is straightforward if you have ever tried heatless curls (but for those of you who haven’t here’s the rundown!) Parting your semi-damp or partial air-dried hair down the middle, take the sections closest to your forehead and wrap around the legging the direction you’d like your curls to face (i.e., toward your face or away from your face). Continue adding a piece (in the same direction) until you reach the end of your hair and use your preferred hair tie as normal. Continue this process on the other side.

Step 2

Angela wrapping her hair in the leggings one side at a time.
Angela uses the excess legging to wrap back over the rest of her hair.

Take the end of the legging “legs” that are left and fold them inside out like aprotective tube around your hair (See reference pic)

Step 3

Angela wrapping her hair in leggings.
Angela wrapping her hair in leggings and putting it over her head like a cap.

Finally, fold the leggings that are on your crown over your head (gently) like a cap to create a fully sleep proof protective seal!

Leggings on Angela

Step 4

When you wake up in the morning or are ready to take out the leggings, do so carefully so your hair doesn't get tangled or snagged.

If you want looser curls with extra volume, feel welcome to brush through your hair. I personally preferred leaving the strands the way they came out.

For extra silkiness, feel welcome to comb through hair serum or oil in your hair. If your hair has a harder time holding a curl, be sure to spray in your favorite hair spray to help give them the hold they need. 

Hair curls after curled with Love Fitness leggings.

2) The Beach Wave Method

For this method you’re going to follow steps TWO and THREE above as normal. The simple difference with step one on this method is for the girlies that love to have each strand or “curl”a different direction, making for some effortless beach style waves!

Step 1

Parting your semi-damp or partial air-dried hair down the middle, take the sections closest to your forehead and wrap around the legging your preferred direction you want the front pieces “curling” and grab the next piece of sectioned hair after wrapping around the legging to the opposite direction (See reference pic). 

The Beach Wave method is great for staying super tight in place until you want to take the leggings out! Be patient with this method. Practice makes perfect on this one! Finish off with some good old hair oil or serum and comb through with fingers!

Care for your Love Fitness Leggings

Taking care of your LF pieces is our number one priority so there’s a few steps we absolutely recommend making sure they stay in the best condition. Here's some of our hacks to get those flawless curls while also keeping your leggings feeling fresh:

Work with the Leggings Inside Out

Just as if you are washing your loved leggings, they are going to get a bit damp and possibly product from your hair may be touching them. Keeping them inside out will help combat anything going awry!

For the Blonde Gals

If you are a blonde gal and use any kind of purple shampoo, lightening (acidic) shampoo or leave in agent that has lemon etc. we recommend not using this hack during these days! (if you wouldn’t want it on your towel, you wouldn’t want it on those precious leggings)

The Less Product, the Better

The less product, the better! A small amount of leave in conditioner and curling cream or mousse can give the desired texture you want but leave the full-on curly gal gel routine for another time. Staying in the legging all night next to your scalp may leave those soft locks feeling greasy sooner!

Here's our Video How-To:

If you're looking for a sign to treat yourself to a new pair of leggings, this is it.

Let's face it - leggings are the ultimate apparel item. Not only can they be great for lounging, working out, and going out, but now it's proven they can CURL YOUR HAIR TOO?! Leggings are unstoppable! Here's some of our favs that are also optimal for those flawless hair curls.

Thank you for joining us in having some fun with this trend!

We are so thrilled that the power of social media can bring lighthearted and fun ways for us to come together and try new things. Putting “curling your whole head of hair with leggings” on the 2022 bingo card was not something we would’ve believed! Trust me when I say the entireLF team was SHOOK when they turned out so incredible and effortless.

It’s all up to you in the end on which curl you prefer so feel free to try these methods at home and tag us with the results, we’d LOVE to see!

The team and I want to wish you a Happy New Curl- I mean Year!

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February 06, 2023 — Angela Cruz

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