We're all about the hype coming from the 2023 movies Barbie and Oppenheimer releasing on the same day! Are your vibes giving more Barbie or Oppenheimer? Find out by taking this quiz and we'll tell you a little more about you and the pieces you need to add to your wardrobe!

If you got barbie ...

“Hi Barbie!” You are the embodiment of a Social Butterfly! 

With your vibrant personality, you exude charm and charisma wherever you go. A natural extrovert, you thrive in social settings and love connecting with others. Fashion-forward and creative, your impeccable sense of style reflects your personality. 

Despite focusing on appearances, you are deeply caring and empathetic, always ready to lend a helping hand to both friends and strangers. Your unwavering optimism and "can-do" attitude make you an excellent communicator and leader. 

Just like Barbie, you shine brightest in dynamic environments with opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Your ability to bring people together and foster a positive atmosphere make you a beloved figure among friends and colleagues, leaving a trail of laughter and joy in your wake.

Come on barbie, let's go party (in these pieces 😉)

Let's face it, Barbie, you need an outfit as vibrant as you are! 


This colorful outfit is a celebration of your charisma, creativity, and magnetic charm, making her the life of the party wherever you go. All you need is to grab your roller blades!

"You're beautiful." "I know."

If you got Oppenheimer ...

You're giving Oppenheimer vibes, for sure. Highly intelligent and analytical, you are driven by a thirst for knowledge and discovery. 

You excel as a problem solver, breaking down complex challenges with your critical thinking skills. As a visionary, you always are thinking about the bigger picture and aim to make meaningful contributions to both your interests and relationships. 

You find solace in introspection and value alone time to recharge. With that being said, you love exploring new places and experiencing culture. With your innovative mindset and determined nature, you thrive in intellectually stimulating environments, where you are able to collaborate with others.

Your outfit essentials: Technical & elevated pieces

As detail-oriented as you are, you need an outfit designed in the details. For Oppenheimer's profile, we've chosen an elegant and refined dark/neutral outfit that perfectly complements his intellectual prowess and visionary mindset.


To emulate his classic outfit, we've chosen to highlight our Everyday Essentials (in black, of course). These pieces are designed with the details at the forefront, whilst still being a perfect addition to any outfit. These are the ultimate sleek and sophisticated add-ons that can easily elevate a look, taking it from “basic” to “classic”.

"Brilliance makes up for a lot."

Babrie + Oppenheimer = Barbenheimer

Whether you're a Barbie girl (in a Barbie world), or you're head deep into Christopher Nolan's newest work, both movies offer an amazing story with stunning visuals- a must-watch for sure!

Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, focuses on Barbie (yes- THE Barbie, who's played by Margot Robbie) experiencing an existential crisis when she realizes things are starting to change in Barbieland, and for her. Accompanied by her kinda-sorta boyfriend Ken, the duo leaves Barbieland and goes into the real world to discover truths and solve Barbie's troubles. The writing is spectacular, able to make the audience laugh with well-timed comedic moments whilst also luring us back in and patting us on the shoulder during the more somber and colder truths that the movie tackles. Along with that, the nearly two-hour film is a visual delight, filled to the brim with vibrant colors and nods to the iconic Barbie dolls from different generations. A must-see for anyone, especially those who grew up with Barbie.


Oppenheimer, directed by Christopher Nolan, is a visual feast for the eyes as much as it is something for all of your sensations to appreciate. From phenomenal sound design to the palpable anxiety delivered on screen, Oppenheimer does an exceedingly phenomenal job at telling such a heavy story. The movie focuses on the story of American scientist, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and his role in the development of the atomic bomb. From his work that turned theory into reality, to the personal and intimate moments of his life- the audience is shown his many highs and countless lows. This three-hour movie does an exceptionally stellar job of using every minute of screen time, never truly having a dull or filler moment. If you're into dramas, this is a must-see and will leave you at the edge seat wondering “What's going to happen next?”, at the theatre.

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We just wanted to take a moment to say a massive THANK YOU for trying out our quiz and giving it a shot! Interacting with this wonderful community is something that means a lot to us!

We hope you enjoyed this fun read, and get the chance to check out these amazing movies this summer if you have not already! (If you see Barbie or Oppenheimer, let us know what you think!)

Stay tuned for more exciting content, quizzes, and all-around good vibes. Remember, you're part of our Love Fitness ohana, and we couldn't be happier to have you on board.

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August 07, 2023 — Laura Colantonio

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