Aloha, beautiful! Yes, you! You are beautiful.

Our team at Love Fitness Apparel believes that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Beauty is not defined by any one thing, but all the things that make us unique and who we are! 

While it's easy to define beauty this way, it doesn't make it any easier to believe - especially when it comes to ourselves. Don't hold yourself back from positive thinking and feeling confident!

Everyone needs a little mental boost sometimes, so you are absolutely not alone. No person is 100% confident, 100% of the time. So here it is, your mental boost - some tips and tricks to feeling more confident as yourself - for all you are.


In my opinion, this is one of the easiest ways to start your day off on a positive note. Begin each morning telling yourself the reasons you love you! This can be difficult at first and that's okay! This will become easier with practice and in time,
will help you become more self aware of your strengths.

Positive affirmations can be anything you need it to be - saying how proud you are of accomplishing a goal or even simply being on your way there.

Let me start with one positive affirmation for you - You brought yourself here which means you want to be more confident!! A++ for being on your way to higher confidence and self esteem!

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From time to time, reward yourself. It is easy to forget about self care in times where you are focusing on work or others. Treating yourself can come in many forms, whether it be snacking on your favorite food, buying the leggings you've been eye-ing, or simply taking a moment to relax. 

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Hand-in-hand with rewarding yourself is taking care of yourself! I decided to separate these, because while treating yourself is a great reminder of the things you enjoy, taking care of yourself extends a little further and is essential to your every day. It might not always begin with doing something you enjoy, but end with the feeling of being rewarded and often, confident!
When taking care of your body, some things may come to mind, like eating heathy meals, going to the gym, or simply getting a good night's rest. For some, this is a real challenge, because it means changing up your habits, but in the end, when your body is happy, it rewards you with endorphins, more energy, a more resilient immune system, and so much more.
If eating healthier intimidates you, start small! Add spinach to your eggs in the morning. Find healthy alternatives to your favorite foods. One recipe l've been loving is mashing cauliflower and using it instead of potatoes. Barely can tell the
difference! I pin my favorite recipes or ones I want to try on Pinterest. So many people share delicious & healthy recipes that will help you through navigating cleaner eating.
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If going to the gym intimidates you, start by going once a week. Bring a friend or take a class! Another option is finding a way to be active in your lifestyle. This could be by going on a hike every week or taking your pup on more walks!
Taking care of your mind is just as important if not more important than taking care of your body. This can be as easy as giving yourself moments to wind down and relax. You can also take care of your mind by engaging in something that you enjoy like listening to your favorite podcast or song. When something stresses you out or upsets you, find healthy ways to express your emotions, versus the alternative of holding it all in. Find a friend to confide in, give your pet a cuddle, go on a walk, meditate. Try to keep your glass half full and keep your mind on the positive side.
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Taking care of yourself comes in so many shapes and forms, which is great so you're bound to find some ways to do so, but self care can often be overlooked by overworking yourself and not making time. Hold yourself accountable and make
time for yourself like you do for those around you. You can't perform your best in your life for your job or those around you if you aren't for yourself.


When feeling down, it is easy to roll out of bed and just wear pajamas for the day. It's okay, we're all guilty of this sometimes! Next time, try dressing for success in your favorite outfit! Whether this be your booty-sculpting leggings or your favorite dress, wear something that makes you feel good and confident. In times when we aren't feeling our best, the little pick-me-up of a 🔥 outfit can go a long way!
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Feeling more confident can be attributed to those around you. Surround yourself with friends that you can be your authentic self around. Having your hype squad to turn to when you need support is always a great reminder that you are

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Simple & easy - post a selfie or photo of yourself in a moment when wearing a fierce outfit or when feeling a little extra confident! Document the moments when you feel most in love with yourself. Everyone's feed will look a extra beautiful because of it. 💕

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Mahalo for taking to read this blog post! Happy #selfcaresunday #selflovesunday, babe! 💕 Comment down below what makes you feel more confident!

March 27, 2020 — Laura Colantonio

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