Save the Earth and celebrate Earth Day with meaningful and fun ways to help the environment from composting, recycling, sustainability and so much more.

1. Plant A Tree

The best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is today! 

Trees give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and support wildlife. Consider buying a tree to plant in your own neighborhood or donating to an organization that will plant one for you!

Click this link to 'Plant a Tree Today'

Plant a tree, sprouts

2. Spend Time Outside

Set aside some time to step outside today!

Earth Day is a reminder of how beautiful and awesome our planet is. Don’t let the day pass you by without taking advantage of it. If you have a backyard, spend the afternoon outside in your lawn chair, reading, meditating, or having lunch. If you live in a major city and outdoor spaces are limited, go for a long walk or bike to your nearest city park. In whatever way you can, take some time to enjoy the beauty of our wonderful planet while also giving yourself some much-needed self-care.

Yoga Outside, Earth drawing

3. Ride Your Bike

Don’t drive if you don’t have to (& if you do..carpool).

Instead, ride your bike to work, the store, or even just for exercise. If your bike has been collecting dust in your garage all season, take it out, clean it up and ride it somewhere. Once you’ve put in the effort to ride it again, you might surprise yourself by starting a new healthy routine this Earth Day is also great for the environment.

Bike riding, bicycle drawing

4. Make a Compost Pile

Making a compost pile is easier than it sounds, hear me out!

Composting helps reduce landfill waste, enriches and introduces valuable organisms to the soil, prevents the need for chemical fertilizer, and so much more! You can purchase your very own compost bin or make one yourself using materials you have laying around your house. Let the planet work its magic this Earth Day!

Click this link for ‘15 DIY Compost Bin Plans’

Compost, bee, worm

5. Create a Rain Barrel to Collect Water

Be kind to yourself, your wallet, and the earth.

Create a rain barrel to collect water for your lawn and indoor plants (check local ordinances first). 

Fun fact: Collected rain is oftentimes naturally slightly acidic, so it can help flush away the build-up of accumulated substances from alkali tap water deposits in your potting soil.

Click this link to learn how to ‘Build Your Own Rain Barrel’

Rain, rain drop

6. Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

At Love Fitness Apparel, we love supporting local!

What better way to support local business and stimulate your local economy than hopping over to your neighborhood Farmer's Market this Earth Day! 

Bonus, you’ll also be helping the planet when buying your fruits and veggies locally by saving on transportation energy and fossil fuels.


7. Commit to a Reusable Lifestyle

Take the pledge to switch to a reusable lifestyle.

Ditch the disposable and start by using a reusable water bottle, portable straws and cutlery, grocery bags, and food storage containers. 

Pro Tip: Maybe you have all of these items lying around your house already…put your reusable grocery bags next to your keys, purse, or bike right now so you won’t forget them next time you go shopping. Commit to building this habit before the end of the year!

Canvas tote bag, recycle sign

8. Organize a Trash Pick-Up Day with Loved Ones

Host a small clean-up with your family and closest friends!

Walk around your neighborhood or community and pick up any litter that you see. Feeling a little adventurous? Take the clean-up to a local beach and make it a game to see who can collect the most trash! Make it fun while recycling what you can! Celebrate your contribution to Earth Day afterward with a delicious group lunch in the beautiful outdoors.

Trash pickup, trashcan

9. Make Art Out Of Recyclable Material

Let your creativity run wild!

Here’s a fun one! Do you have any buttons, fabric scraps, pieces of yarn, used jars and cans, or scrap paper around your house? Let your imagination run free by creating your very own ‘Earth Day’ inspired piece of art. After your masterpiece is complete, hang it up or set it somewhere on display to be a reminder of this special day and all the eco-friendly changes you’ve committed to this year!

Art, art doodle

10. Let Your Voice Be Heard

Want to share your voice?

Are you feeling passionate about a particular environmental cause or legislation that you believe should be passed? This Earth Day, check out some climate activist organizations and see how you can volunteer with them and find out how you can participate in their initiative. You can also sign a petition or start one of your own on a topic of something you believe should change.

Click this link to 

'Sign Petitions or Start Your Own Petition'

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Our Promise

The term "fast fashion" describes the clothing industry's business model of mass-producing low-quality garments to meet the demands of what's trending. From being one of the highest polluting industries, harming animals, and exploiting its workers and customers, this business model is highly unethical and, sadly, too common in this day and age.

If you're interested to learn more about Fast Fashion, here are two articles to help explain it more in-depth: 

1. What Is Fast Fashion and Why Is It So Bad?

2. What Is Fast Fashion, Anyway?

We at Love Fitness Apparel are deeply rooted in aiding our ʻĀina ("land" in Hawaiian) and make it an effort to create quality garments that are meant to last, combating the impact that fast fashion has on the Earth. Our promise to you, our beloved 'ohana, is to continue doing our part in being an ethically responsible brand, whilst delivering high-quality products and timeless designs to the amazing community that's supported us through the years.

Happy Earth Day and thank you for joining our efforts to take care of our wonderful planet!

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April 18, 2022 — Emily Hallman

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