We wanted to ring in our newest collection (and the holiday season) by matching some of our newest pieces to your favorite holiday drinks! ☃️🎄❄️

Hot Apple Cider 🍎✨

Ringing in the fall season is a cult classic, a favorite limited-time drink that has made its Hot apple cider is a simple yet absolutely delicious beverage that’s served in the autumn and winter seasons. A nice drink when you want to feel warm, cozy, and festive!

If you love making a good drink of hot apple cider, you probably love staying in

Although going outside from time to time is nice, there’s nothing like watching your favorite holiday movies and snuggling under the blanket as you sip away at your drink. Truly, a perfect scenario if you're asking me!

This cozy sight and the hot apple cider pair perfectly with our extremely cozy Phaedra set in the color Pheonix to match the gorgeous red of a juicy apple!

watercolor hot apple cider graphic

Peppermint Mocha ❤️💚

Peppermint Mocha is an espresso made with steamed milk, sweet mocha sauce, and peppermint-flavored syrup. Although it seems simple, this drink has become incredibly popular, especially with the Starbucks iteration of it!

You’re the type of person who loves to make sure everyone feels included and is extremely thoughtful

Whether it’s making sure everyone is in the picture or that everyone has a gift, you love to make sure people feel special during this time of year. You’re an absolute delight, and your thoughtfulness is refreshing, especially during this incredibly busy time of year, just like the flavor of peppermint in this drink! 

With as fresh and cool as peppermint is, here's a color that matches! Mineral's cool tones are to reflect that refreshing first sip of this holiday drink!

watercolor peppermint mocha graphic

eggnog 🥚🥛

Eggnog is a timeless classic, traditionally comprised of just eggs, cream, and sugar. The sweet, chilled, and frothy drink is a wonderful balance of richness and seasonal cheer.

If your drink of choice is eggnog, you love traditions

Whether it be making a certain dish, having a special piece of decoration, or visiting a specific place, these things make the season memorable. 

Keeping up traditions matches perfectly with the traditional eggnog, a drink that has been loved by generations.

An egg-cellent choice to compliment this drink is our color Stone which closely matches the neutral, oh-so-beautiful, egg-shell white!

watercolor eggnog graphic

Spiced Mulled cider ☕️🍂

Spiced Mulled Cider is a sweet cider drink that’s been heated with spices and citrus fruits. For people who love a kick in their drink, this is a perfect fit for you!

If you’re a fan of spiced mulled cider, then you probably love going out and having your own little adventures

During the holiday season, there’s a plethora of activities that take your interest, especially if you can do it with family and friends. 

Creating memories through fun-filled adventures is perfect for someone who loves the excitement that comes with the beloved drink, Spiced Mulled Cider. 

With adventures in mind, we’ve picked out a great set of clothes that will keep you supported while you make your memories. On top of that, Terracotta is a perfect color to show off the spices of your favorite drink!

watercolor spiced mulled cider graphic

Swiss Miss With Mini Marshmallows 🍫🤎

There’s something special about making a cup of Swiss Miss. Whether it be the childhood nostalgia or the mini marshmallows that float to the top to say hello, Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate has held a place in the hearts of many. Truly, nostalgia in a drink.

You’re the type of person who puts their heart into picking out gifts for your loved ones!

One of your favorite things is having everyone together during the holidays. These homey, nostalgic, and feel-good vibes are exactly what sipping a cup of Swiss Miss feels like, a perfect match for someone who loves spending time with family this season.

Of course, our Phaedra set in the color Canyon embodies the hot chocolate coziness perfectly, from the color itself to the premium, lightweight, and ultra-comfy fabric.

watercolor hot chocolate graphic

Herbal tea 🍃 🍵

Sometimes, a simple herbal tea does the trick! Throw in a few of your favorite herbs, add water, and a dash of your favorite sweetener- and there you have it! A warm, inviting drink on those cold winter days.

If you like herbal tea, you’re probably someone who likes to be prepared for the holiday season! 

Whether it be triple-checking ingredients for a holiday dinner, gift wrapping everything to perfection, or grabbing extra medicine in case anyone gets sick due to the cold weather, you’re ready! Your preparedness keeps the train going, and everyone is grateful to have someone like you!

Just like herbal tea which is a light, yet elegant, beverage, our color Dawn exudes the same energy! A gorgeous color that’s fair and sleek, but is sophisticated nonetheless.

watercolor herbal tea graphic

gingerbread latte 🍪 🫖

What’s screams festive more than gingerbread? One sip and you can feel the holiday spirit in you!

Gingerbread lattes are the perfect drink for those who LOVE to show off their festive spirit! 

From decorating the house, to hanging lights on the tree, or even simply building a snowman, these classic displays of holiday cheer are what you love about the season. Whether you go all out and are the talk of the street, or keep it lowkey and celebrate the festivities with loved ones, there’s no denying how much you enjoy this time of year.

Just like gingerbread, what screams festive more than iconic green! Let our color Scropion help you embrace this season’s spirit as you decorate to your heart’s content!

watercolor gingerbread latte graphic

Thank you so much for reading about your favorite holiday drinks! 

Let us know what your favorite drink is by commenting down below! 

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and hope that you enjoy a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle that comes with this time of year. And as always, thank you for supporting our family-owned, small business during this holiday season.

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December 01, 2022 — Ashley Hartsfield

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