Its 2022 and life is BUSY.  Between responsibilities, work life and making time for yourself can be challenging, never mind trying to eat healthy in between the chaos. While we are busy with our hectic schedules our body is the one taking a toll. Remember without health, professional success hardly means anything. It is impossible to give our 100 percent when our body is failing to keep up with its surrounding. Your health is literally all you got. It's so cliche to say but yet words have never meant more. 

It goes a little something like this. We wake up early in the morning, grab a cup of tea/ coffee to kick start our day and rush to our office/ work. We often rush out of the house with everything but packed meals and snacks. Work is hectic and we hardly make time to eat healthily. Skipping meals and over intake of caffeine is our day-to-day story. While keeping a balance between work and health might seem difficult, it isn’t impossible. There are multiple ways to include healthy eating in our lifestyle and I am here to make it simple and educate you on how to do so. 

1. Stay Hydrated

Always have water on hand. Water should be your best friend. Drink at least 3-4L a day. Stay hydrated friends.

2. Think forward

Plan ahead if you can. I totally understand also not having time at times in your life when everything is moving faster then expected.  What do I mean to plan ahead? On a Sunday morning plan for the week. Plan what your snacks look like and also your meals. Get a solid shopping list and execute on those meals ( meals and snacks are dependent on your current goals which I am not going to get into in this blog ).

These next few will be for the non planner and more chaotic time in your life aka me most times while having a business thats ever-growing it becomes challenging for me to plan ahead. 

3. Keep it simple

Avoid buying in excess at the grocery store. A lot of times when my hunger kicks in I will swing into a grocery store and buy a half cooked chicken and some fruit. Sometimes it's also greek yogurt and granola. Nuts, such as almonds or pecans. Brazil nuts are also a great option.

4. Curb your cravings

Gas station stop? Pepperoni and beef jerky sticks - LOW SUGAR, this is an absolute must. Some beef jerkies and pepperoni are packed with hidden sugars. I always grab Gatorade Zeros or BioSteels as well ( electrolytes also with no sugar ). They really help curb hunger cravings and a sweet tooth.

5. Fast Food

Fast food, I also got you covered. Fast food is still fast food, yes. However if you're hungry you're going to eat so let's just adjust your fast food choices. My go to - is grilled chicken breast wrapped in lettuce with tomato. You can even get some buffalo sauce on the side or another sauce of choice. I will typically get two grilled lettuce wrapped chicken burgers. Some fast food places offer salads too, every now and then ill get one. I just find chicken burgers are easier to eat on the go! 

6. High protein, low carb

Mexican places like Mucho Burrito, Chipotle are one of my top top go to's. They are fast and who doesn't love Mexican. My favourite a rice bowl with double meat ( usually chicken ) double meat to keep it high protein. Half rice extra veggies, no sauce just extra guac for those good fats and some salt and pepper. Seriously SO good. 

7. Order Ahead

Order in advance from a restaurant. Its not as cost effective as the options above, but if you have the means too this option is great. 

  • Thai food - curry and rice 

  • Salmon, steak, grilled chicken, grilled prawns, tofu + baked yam fries ( you have to request this ) with veggies. 

  • Lettuce wrapped burgers

  • Honestly anything higher protein - high protein makes you feel full longer and keeps your energy levels consistent. Carbs will make you tired and crash. 

8. Keep it fresh

Sometimes I'm not even hungry I just know I should eat. I will swing into a supplement store, even Jamba Juice at times. You can always sub out the sugary items ie. frozen yogurt for more fruit. Instead of fruit juice sub for coconut / almond / oat milk. Added protein is a must - sometimes I even do extra protein. 

9. Low Cal, Low Sugar

Low cal, zero sugar drinks. My go-to, Zevias, Bio Steel, Gatorade Zeros, Bubbly. A big jug of electrolyte water is my go-to. Love me some grape BioSteel.

10. Be mindful of what you're Missing

My number one tip for the busy on the go individual ( or anyone ) is supplementing. If you aren't having full home cooked meals all the time, it's important to supplement.

  • Get a good greens, I use AG1, its incredible

  • Omegas

  • Adrenal / Cortisol manager 

  • Vitamin B complex 

  • NAD plus IV therapy. These are life changing, ultimately its an extension of supplements. Helps manage chronic stress, enhance athletic performance, anti aging effects, increase energy levels ( it really does its absolutely insane how these make me feel ). 

I highly recommend getting a full blood panel of your hormones done. Often times ( from my own experience ) things can be off and/or unbalanced. Being in a constant state of flight or fight in life can really have an effect on your cortisol hormones. I personally have an auto immune disease and hypothyroid so I try my best to eat and supplement accordingly. Most people just ignore it, I have to in the past. Once you realize and tap into understanding and experience just how good you can feel and how well your body can run with the proper fuel, it just becomes a habit, it becomes natural and easier to make mindful, healthier eating choices anywhere you go. 

Like I said above, your health is all you have. Take care of your mind and body, and you will see the changes reflect in all other aspects of your life. What you put into your body is more important than you think. Eat well, live well.

A little More on Alyssa

- Love Fitness Brand Ambassador, Founder of Blooming in Health & Friend - 

Growing up I had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food, which then affected my self esteem and body image. As I got older, it became apparent that healthy relationships in all aspects of life come from smaller, smarter choices. I started creating all my unhealthy favorites into healthier recipes, with whole food ingredients, less sugar and higher protein. This later on has translated into my own healthy baking business, Blooming In Health

Bloom is ultimately a reflection of me, I love my treats and sweets but without all the added calories, gluten and sugar. We have proudly sold over a million protein donuts in Canada. We are also launching a gluten free 1 to 1 flour come August 2022, so be on the lookout for that.

One thing I have learned through my personal journey is obstacles and hurdles arise almost on a daily basis. Everyday is a new opportunity to work on yourself with the right education and support. I want to help those around me create healthy meals and treats. After being through it all, I have learnt that health and fitness is about so much more than just looking, eating or training a certain way. It’s about our physical and mental health. It’s about finding what works best for you as an individual. It’s about being strong, being active, consuming foods that are going to nourish our body and fuel our lives. It’s about having a healthy relationship with food and most importantly, being able to love and accept yourself at every stage, every step of the way. This is why I will continue to share my recipes, what works for me, and spread positivity.

Alyssa wearing bikini top and runners from Love Fitness Apparel Island Dreams Collection. She is sitting on a bench, next to a clear longboard.

About 4 years ago I became a Brand Ambassador for Love Fitness Apparel. A couple years later, here I am, sharing my recipes and tips on their blog. Creating my own recipes, sharing healthy lifestyle tips and sharing with others is something I am super passionate about. I am grateful for the opportunity to share them, not only on my own platforms, but through the Love Fitness community as well. I hope it inspires others to get creative with your own recipes and live a healthier lifestyle without limiting your favorite foods.

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September 16, 2022 — Alyssa Marie x Love Fitness

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