We challenged all of you to love yourself a little more late last year and especially in the peak of a new year, we want all of this positivity to continue - empowering us all to live confidently and happily! We LOVED hearing all the amazing ways you show your body, mind, and soul some extra lovin'.

In light of Valentine's & Galentine's Day Coming up soon, we wanted to remind you that while it's beyond important to show the people in your life how much you care, the MOST important person for you to be showing love to is yourself!

So we're going to challenge you AGAIN to show yourself extra love this week (& all weeks). Here's the challenge, re-shared with some of our favorite responses (& a little extra 😉)!

1. Write down what you love about you.

We've been loving the concept of writing as emotional release and want to encourage getting your emotions out in healthy ways! You don't always need people there to listen as your outlet. You can confide in yourself too. It's so important for you to be a support system for yourself as well.

Take more moments to listen to yourself. Hype yourself up. You conquered this week! You survived all of the difficult trials in your life last year! You're pursuing happiness in your own unique way! You are your own definition of beautiful! We are so proud to have such a beautiful extended ohana of customers.

Take a moment to think about the things that make you smile. Write them down. Take a moment to write about the things that you love about yourself. Write them down. Think about them and smile. You're amazing!

We loved some of your responses last time around and we'd love for you to keep the positivity going!

Responses with qualities women love about themselves.

2. Create a Happiness Playlist.

Put together a playlist of songs that never fail to boost your mood! Whether it be songs you can't resist singing along to, ones with motivating messages, have a comforting vibe, or bring back positive memories. Whatever happiness sounds like, make that playlist. Listen to it to elevate your mood in any situation!

Last time around, we asked for you to share with us your favorite songs, ones that elevate your mood! We loved this little exercise and thought it would be great to make a playlist of these songs to share. We also added some of our own that we think will make you smile! Enjoy!

What "Happy" Sounds Like 

Feel welcome to add more songs as they come to mind - we made this playlist collaborative so it can grow into something even ✨ happier ✨.

3. Cook yourself a nice meal.

Good food rarely fails to soothe the soul. While going out and dining at your favorite restaurant is one great way to treat yourself, we find that the process of cooking is it's own kind of self love - taking your mind off of everything else, but the task at hand ... with a super yummy reward at the end.

We loved these responses you shared with us!

favorite foods from instagram story responsers

In addition to these yummy comfort foods you shared, here's some original recipes of our own that we think you'll love!

4. Take a moment to breathe.

Breathe in ................................... and breathe out.

Life can get busy and in those chaotic moments, we use rest as a reward. In truth, rest shouldn't be a reward, but naturally a part of your routine as something that is necessary. Take care of yourself and rest. Breathe. Take more moments to relax, meditate, calm down, and separate yourself from the usual busy of your life to decompress.

Whether this be by meditating, making art, reading, going for a run/walk, or something else - make sure you have these simpler moments to balance out those busy times.

5. Approach your problems with mindfulness.

You have what it takes to conquer your goals this week! Take time to reflect on your goals and where you are on the path to achieving them. Realign if you've lost your way - which is normal and totally okay! or Realign your goals to match your ever-changing self! Whatever it is, keep moving forward! It's okay to not have the answers to solve your problems, just be mindful of your actions while you're figuring it out. We believe in you. No matter where you feel you are in your journey, you are beyond capable of everything you set your mind to and more. 💕



Thank you for taking the time to read this Blog post, for sharing your responses, and for taking the steps to take care and love yourself like the way you deserve.

Comment below the ways you show yourself love the most!

February 17, 2022 — Laura Colantonio

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