Holiday songs 🎄☃️

We wanted to share some of our favorite Love Fitness favs this holiday season, pairing popular pieces with a beloved holiday song! 

We hope you enjoy this fun, festive blog!

♪ All I Want for Christmas Is You ♪

This holiday song is flirty, full of love, and screams Christmas!

A perfect set to match these vibes is our Lily Sports Bra in the color Lilies and our Phaedra Shorts in the color Pheonix! The one-strap design of the sports bra gives off an oh-so-slight flirtatious feeling, while the Phaedra shorts add in the classic, holiday Christmas red.

I don't care about the presents, 

underneath the Christmas tree.

I just want you for my own,

more than you could ever know.

Make my wish come true

All I want for Christmas is you!

Leilani Sports Bra - Primrose (design element)

All I want for Christmas is this outfit:

♪ Last Christmas ♪

With a holiday song that reflects on a past love, we wanted to pick out something that makes you feel like a queen! 

Our Bodhi Active Dress is made for you to feel confident and beautiful; plus, the color Guava adds a holiday touch. Pair this with our eco-friendly tote bag (since a queen is always prepared) and you're good to go!

A face on a lover,

with a fire in his heart.

A man under cover, 

but you tore me apart.

Oh, oh.

Now I've found a real love,

You'll never fool me again.

Last Christmas (design element)

An Outfit to Love This Christmas:

♪ Baby It's Cold Outside ♪

With the cold winter weather, we wanted to make an outfit that can help keep you warm during these very chilly months!

The color Mineral is a gorgeous blue-green and adds a nice festive touch even if it's not a full-out green. This fabric is sure to keep you war when it's cold outside and the Phaedra jacket also has an adjustable cinch, allowing you to change the length to a cropped look if you'd like!

I really can't stay

Baby, it's cold outside.

I've got to go away

Baby, it's cold outside.

This evening has been- Hoping that you'd drop in,

So, very nice- I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice.

Baby It

It May Be Cold Outside, But You'll Be Cozy Warm in This Outfit:

♪ Run Rudolph Run ♪

Just like Rudolph, we want you to shine bright and feel comfortable in your natural self during the holidays (and all year round)!

This outfit is made for you to feel confident no matter your preference. If you're feeling modest, or even just cold, zip up our Phaedra jacket (with the adjustable length at your disposal) and if you're feeling bold, wrap the jacket around your hips. 

Either way, as long as YOU feel confident and beautiful it's a holiday-mission success!

Run, run Rudolph,

Santa's has to make it in town.

Santa, make him hurry, 

tell him he can take the freeway down.

Run, run Rudolph, 

reelin' like a merry-go-round.

Run Rudolph Run (design element)

Let Your True Self Shine in this Outfit:

♪ Rockin Around the Christmas tree ♪

If you're at any holiday or Christmas party and need an outfit, this is for you!

Our Bodhi active dress never constricts your movement letting you party and dance as much as you want at holiday celebrations! Along with that, our Impact Cropped Jacket in the color Dawn is a perfect cover-up!

Rockin' around the Christmas tree 

at the Christmas party hop.

Mistletoe hung where you can see, 

every couple tries to stop.

Rockin' around the Christmas tree,

Let the Christmas spirit ring.

Later we'll have some pumpkin pie,

And we'll do some caroling.

 (design element)

Dance it Out in this Outfit:

♪ Jingle Bell Rock ♪

Speaking of the literal ROCK in the song, our color stone is a perfect fit for you to rock this holiday season!

Paired with the Phaedra set you can dance and prance to your heart's content in this fit, that's made to keep you comfy and cute during this jingle-belled-filled month!

You're here where you should be, 

snow is falling as the carolers' sing.

It just wasn't the same,

alone on Christmas day.

Presents, what a beautiful sight,

don't mean a thing if you ain't holding me tight.

You're all that I need,

underneath the tree.

Jingle Bell Rock (design element)

Rock the night away in this outfit:

♪ Underneath the Christmas Tree ♪

Oh, what a beautiful sight! If you want to look as cute as a wrapped-up present, we got the outfit just for you this holiday season!

First off is our Leilani sports bra in the color Eden. Of course, the color itself embodies Christmas and the holidays, but the detailed back looks similar to the ornate ribbons of a present! If you want to be wrapped up like a gift, our Eden leggings make a perfect match to keep you stylish during the holidays.

You're here where you should be, 

snow is falling as the carolers' sing.

It just wasn't the same, alone on Christmas day.

Presents, what a beautiful sight,

don't mean a thing if you ain't holding me tight.

You're all that I need,

underneath the tree.

Underneath the Christmas Tree (design element)

An outfit that will have you feeling like the gift you are:

♪ Mele Kalikimaka ♪

Merry Christmas from Hawai'i! As a business located on the islands, we wanted to feature this local song that is played throughout the holidays. 

It captures the aloha-essence of the islands, just like our Island Dreams set. If you want a little aloha during the holiday season, check out this set!

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say, 

on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day.

That's the island greeting that we send to you, 

from the land where palm trees sway

Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright, the sun to shine by day and all the stars at night.

Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way, to say Merry Christmas to you!

Mele Kalikimaka (design element)

Feel the Island Vibes in this Outfit:

Thank you and happy holidays!

If you loved this blog, comment down below with your favorite holiday song! We wish you the best during the holiday season and appreciate your support, especially this time of year.

Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka!

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December 23, 2022 — Ashley Hartsfield

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