Aloha fine-apple 🍍 Feeling something sweet? Try these simple tricks to help you pick the perfect pineapple!

1. Appearance 

When looking for the perfect pineapple, the first thing you notice you'll notice is how it looks.

When looking for the perfect pineapple, taking note of color can be helpful, but sometimes can be misleading. Be sure to consider other factors when you are choosing your pineapple. Traditionally, ripe pineapples are green-yellow in color and overripe pineapples are more dark orange.

What a lot of people don't consider that is debatably a better indicator of freshness, is the leaves. Vibrant healthy green leaves are a great indicator of a fresh pineapple. To take it a step further, if you pull on a prawn in the middle of the bunch of leaves, it should easily come out if the pineapple is ripe.

In addition to taking note of color of the fruit and leaves, there's something else to take note of - the size! The size of the pineapple isn't a good indicator of freshness - just like any fruit, you can find a tasty one that is small as well as big! In terms of size, what is more helpful to take note of is the size of the "eyes". A tastier pineapple will have "eyes" all similar in size, versus having some small and some big.

2. Texture

While the pineapple does have a thick exterior, texture is still a helpful indicator of a fresh and juicy pineapple. When you squeeze the pineapple, a ripe pineapple should have a little squish to it - indicating that it has a lot of juice inside. If the pineapple is solid and hard, that means that it is not ripe and it won't be as juicy.

3. Smell

When you pick up a pineapple, smelling the bottom is an easy way to figure out how sweet the juices are. The sweeter the smell, the sweeter the taste will be!

4. Weight

When picking a pineapple, one last thing that can help with picking the perfect pineapple is comparing weight for pineapples of similar size. If a pineapple is heavy for its size, it can indicate that it is full with more juice.


Happy Pineapple picking! 💕 

December 29, 2020 — Laura Colantonio

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