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    Love Fitness – Athlete Sponsorship and Brand Ambassador Application

    Love Fitness Apparel Sponsorship and Ambassador programs is an exclusive membership to the utmost elite athletes and social influences who are leaders in their community and are passionately engaged in promoting fashion, active & healthy lifestyles.

    Love Fitness Apparel embraces every individual on different levels of their fitness journey through a supportive community. We believe in creating multifunctional clothes that reflects a passion for living an active lifestyle. They are designed to endure the greatest challenges, enforce confidence, spread aloha & motivate, which are the essential ingredients of fully living an integrated lifestyle. We are thrilled to sponsor athletes and bring on brand ambassadors who are actively competing in different venues of sports and becoming an influential and integral part of your journey.

    Becoming a Love Fitness Sponsored Athlete and Brand Ambassador!

    We chose individuals based on enthusiasm and engagement with your community both locally and virtually; but most importantly how you impact the competitive athlete world. Your social influence and social media presence plays a key role in our final consideration for Sponsorship or being an Ambassador.


    • Right to use official Love Fitness Apparel Logos, name, & or mantra to promote Sponsorship according to terms of final contract agreement
    • Images of sponsored athlete or brand ambassador endorsing Love Fitness Apparel products will be used accordingly to promote Love Fitness Apparel and increase sponsored athletes audience through exposure on several social media platforms including and not limited to Instagram, Website, Facebook, Magazines, & print ads.
    • Payment of Sponsorship or Brand Ambassador Monies according to terms of final contract agreement to help cover cost of events, training or other related athlete expenses.
    • Free apparel including pre-released apparel before everyone else
    • Bragging rights
    • Share exclusive discounts and special offer codes that you can give out to your friends and family. We will send you insider deals that you can share via social media (e.g., Facebook & Twitter)
    • Additional Earning potential – Share your exclusive discount code and individuals who use that code on Love Fitness Apparel; you’ll earn a (%) percentage of their total purchases for as long as you remain a Sponsored Athlete of Love Fitness Apparel. Payment based on the sponsorship monies payment schedule according to the terms of the final contract agreement.

    We’re excited to hear from you, please fill out the Love Fitness Athlete Sponsorship and/or Brand Ambassador application today!

    To be considered for the Love Fitness Sponsorship or Ambassador program, please submit the following:

    Resume including the following –

    • Full Name:
    • Address:
    • Email:
    • Photos and/or videos links
    • Personal website
    • Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram, etc.)
    • Sport affiliations (e.g., official earned titles, athlete qualifications, certifications)
    • What sports you compete in (e.g., bodybuilding, MMA, figure)

    A short essay on why you would make an excellent Love Fitness Sponsored Athlete focusing on the following points:

    1. Please describe your active endeavors and how you are participating?
    2. What are your active passions, the things that motivate and inspire you?
    3. What are your goals, ambitions, or intentions for the next year?
    4. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

    Applications must be submitted to

    We receive a lot of sponsorship and ambassador request and try to evaluate all of them carefully. If our committee finds you have the potential for being apart of this great opportunity, we will get in touch with you. Mahalo!